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Reaching youth through prevention, education and support

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Attorney Behind Our Push For Warm Handoff Legislation For Hospitals

NOPE Task Force worked with Michael Barnes at DCBA Law & Policy in helping to pass legislation for hospitals to do more for people suffering from drug overdoses.

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One of Our Earliest Supports Reflects on Educating Youth About Drugs

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, FL helped NOPE Task Force start presentations to thousands of students. Years later, the agency’s chief deputy reflects on the importance of teaching youth to stay clear of drugs.

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We Must Take Heroin and Opioid Addiction Head On

NOPE Task Force interviewed author Renée Hodges who described her nephew’s challenging journey from a recovery facility back into society.

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Pinellas County: Hundreds attend vigil for lives lost to drugs, alcohol abuse

NOPE Pinellas founders Laurie and Mark Serra created the organization to honor the lives of people like their son, Matthew, who died of an overdose at 28. They also made it their mission to work to help people change their lives for the better. “I don’

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Student Coalition Member on the Impact of NOPE

"High school students tend to joke around about drugs and/or use drugs to make themselves look "cool". So, my hope was that this presentation would show them that drugs are not to be messed around with."

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Saving Someone’s Sunshine: A Mother Turns To NOPE To Save Young Lives

Erin Guercio lost her daughter Sierra to a bad decision involving drugs. Now she does NOPE presentations in St. Lucie and Martin counties in Florida. She tells students to be brave and strong in resisting the temptation to try drugs.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted To A Dangerous Drug?

That depends on many factors. All of our bodies are different, and there are many different drugs. Bottom line: don’t experiment or use dangerous drugs because trying the drug even once can be dangerous.

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Combating Sober Houses and Other Problematic Issues in Florida’s Drug Overdose Epidemic

Florida has become a medical vacation destination as parents send their adult children there for treatment. Result: a massive recovery industry has been created with little oversight – until now.

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Naloxone: A Tool -- Not Treatment -- In Saving Lives

The drug naloxone reverses overdoses, but it needs to be used as a tool -- not treatment – in saving lives, much like a defibrillator for the heart attack victim. We need more effective ways to save people from drug overdoses.

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